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Land Trust & Conservation Easement Law Flow Chart

Land trusts and the conservation easements they frequently deploy to protect land are governed by a multitude of legal regimes.  For those advising and working with land trusts, dealing with multiple, and sometimes conflicting, legal regimes can be daunting enough.  Adding to the challenge is that many of these regimes are highly complex and technical, […]

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Risk Management in Conservation Easements

Risk, liability, exposure — whatever one calls it, no one wants it.  In today’s perilous economy and litigious legal environment everyone is becoming more risk averse.  From individuals of every income strata to partnerships, corporations, utilities and governments, no one wants to take on additional risk in a transaction.  This is particularly true for individuals and entities […]

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Google Shows 30 Years of Environmental Change

Google Shows 30 Years of Environmental Change In collaboration with NASA, USGS, TIME and Carnegie Mellon University Google has created a remarkable, and haunting, animation that visually chronicles 30 years of man-made changes on the earth’s surface.  By selecting a location using familiar Google Earth navigation tools, one can see the changes that human-kind has […]

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